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Jack Kile

In the summer of 2005, my barbershop quartet, appropriately named the "4-Bits of Fun," provided entertainment for a hospice volunteer appreciation dinner. As we finished the performance, I commended the volunteers for making a difference in people's lives and as a recent retiree, with professional experience to serve people with illness and disabilities, expressed an interest to join them. I subsequently took the training course that included a tour of a local hospice home.  As I toured the Home, I felt uplifted and shortly thereafter became a volunteer. I quickly adapted to the philosophy that gets patients to focus on living and to recognize opportunities to have fun and enjoy life.

After several years as a volunteer, I began to give speeches on my hospice work, as it relates to humor and song to service clubs, church, retirement and volunteer groups. Their positive responses gave me encouragement to put my thoughts on paper and the idea to write a book evolved. The preparation of the book has been both a fun and humbling experience, and I've learned a great deal in the process. I hope it's a meaningful read.

Hospice Book Info

Hospice, Humor, Music and More: A Volunteer's Perspective, reflects Jack Kile's experiences as a hospice volunteer. The major focus is to promote the positive aspects of life for these patients by the use of humor (often with a spiritual element) and song....More.

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