"Dr. Kile is a retired audiologist and keen singer. His book describes how judicious and appropriate use of humor and music may improve communication between carers and hospice patients and their families. Most of the book comprises clinical vignettes from his six years as a hospice volunteer. This book would be a valuable addition to the shelf of books for volunteers-in-training."

-- International Association for Hospice and Pallative Care in their Newsletter -

(Vol. 13, No. 11, November, 2012)


"5.0 out of 5 stars  Compassion shown with Humor, March 10, 2014

This review is from: Hospice, Humor, Music and More: A Volunteer's Perspective [Paperback] [2012] (Author) Mr. Jack E. Kile (Paperback)

I rate this book highly because it appeals to those considering hospice as a volunteer or those receiving hospice care. The author, Jack Kile, displays words with the magic of humor embedded for the love of and compassion for mankind. His personality radiates throughout the chapters from a volunteer's perspective. This unique work captures the essence of what it means to give of yourself to others in an unselfish manner."

--- Marion Peterson


"I recently visited a dear friend in the hospital preparing for a surgery related to his cancer.  While he was changing in another room, his nurse privately shared her experiences working with oncology patients.   She told us how important it is to get a patient who is terminally ill to smile. In “Hospice, Humor, Music and More—A Volunteer’s Perspective,” Jack Kile opens his toolbox to provide us with tips, tricks and techniques to get to that smile.  His approach reaches beyond hospice care.  Humor has the power to heal all those who struggle with hope.

Long before Jack became a hospice volunteer, he began honing his skill to entertain audiences of his barbershop quartet.  Showmanship is a learned process and Jack has become a master.  He applies this same craft to his hospice work where he reads the patient and adjusts delivery.

“Hospice, Humor, Music and More—A Volunteer’s Perspective” is the next best thing to shadowing Jack Kile in person.  He gives us a rare opportunity to walk in his shoes, teaching us how to give the gifts of celebration, joy and peace to ease the journey for those making the transition."

--- Chris Litzau


“Jack Kile’s book, Hospice, Humor, Music and More: A Volunteer’s Perspective, features poignant yet uplifting stories of the people he has helped to focus on the positive aspects of life.” 

--- Oshkosh Public Library


"Reading Jack Kile's book Hospice, Humor, Music and More: A Volunteer's Perspective is like facing a rapid fire fusillade of the author. Vignettes of poignant situations come at you in quick succession. These remind us of our fragile human existence and our
need for respect and love. We also become aware of the truth that Hospice must have been started by very caring people and that this wonderful service continues through caring volunteers like Jack Kile. Be prepared to shed some emotional tears."

--- Neil Lorge


"Hospice, Humor, Music and More: A Volunteer's Perspective is a light hearted and uplifting read for anyone, but especially for those experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Although the dying process can be a sad one, Kile focuses on the positive, enjoyable , and even funny times that can make it a memorable and happy occasion.  In poking fun at himself he keeps the reader engaged and eager to read more.  His insight and compassion, as well as each patient's, comes through in each unique story.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all have someone singing to and loving us at the end of life."

--- Tina Troxell Williamson


"Great book! This is not just a book for hospice volunteers and those with loved ones in hospice care. I would recommend it for everyone. At some point, everyone has to deal with the death of a loved one. Jack Kile shows the importance of humor and laughter for those who are nearing the end of their life. The book also shows how most people want to be treated the same as they were treated prior to illness. He writes about his experiences as a hospice volunteer as well as his experiences with the death of his own loved ones and gives suggestions on how to effectively communicate with them. The bulk of the book contains short stories about individuals and their unique personalities that are often humorous and heart-warming and shows how people deal with death in their own way."

--- Marie Charles


"Jack Kile leads the reader thru a series of vignettes of the joys and sorrows of witnessing and sharing with those who've reached the final days of their life's journeys. He gives a rich bounty of the life, the love, the sorrow, and the joy of so many of the sort of people very few of us ever get to experience when all of the masks of daily life are stripped away and we can see who a person truly is. He brings to vivid color the beauty of the souls he has encountered, the joy he experienced in breaking thru to experience these people's inner selves.

The reader will be richly rewarded by Jack's unique viewpoint and the myriad souls he brings to light. I am grateful for having read the book and feel that I have been blessed by what he has written."

--- Wayne Palmer


"Hospice, Humor, Music and More is an excellent book. I really enjoyed it! Jack is a wonderful writer and a truly good person!"

--- Anne Biese Kienert


"If I had only one word to describe this book, it would be it is about LOVE.

It is a heartwarming account of the use of music and humor to enrich the lives of others and to be a common tool to connect with each other. It is a tender account of the patients the author met while volunteering at hospice.

This is a book one can read repeatedly and every time can find new insights of how to face life's challenges with a smile on your face, a tune on your lips, and a trust in God.

The book would make a great gift for that special or potential hospice volunteer."

--- Jean Kitson


"An insightful journey !! This book provides many heartwarming stories of the power
of Faith, Family, and Humor. Dr. Kile has tremendous passion for what he does
and this book brings that passion to the reader. It puts you in his shoes and will
have you laughing and crying throughout. The book is practical for all people because
it is about Life - the real everyday stories of the emotions of life."

--- Chad DiFranco


"Dr Kile has spent his professional career helping adults and children with communications problems. His excellent book now provides assistance for cargivers, family and individuals at the crossroads of life. He presents his own experiences and viewpoints for those of us facing difficult and emotional decisions that not only affect ourselves but those who are dependent on us on a daily basis. The simplicity of his writing style and humor helps us to understand the basic tenent of the continuity of life and death.

Thanks for the words, Jack!"

--- Larry Lehman


"This book is a testament to a humble and deeply caring hospice worker. It is written in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand style and offers great insight into the impact a single person can have on a terminally ill person and his/her family. I use the word person rather than patient, as Dr. Kile views and treats each and every individual as a personal friend. He offers himself indefatigably providing conversation, interest, humor and music to all. He shows that whatever talents we have, we can use them to reach those in need of human contact and compassion. This book is an important and potent read for anyone considering or already involved in hospice work. What the world needs is more people like Jack Kile who take the time, have the compassion, and are willing to share both the joys and the sorrows with those who are living the last precious moments of their lives."

--- Marla Davis